Saturday, June 4, 2011

How To Improve Your Chances Of Surviving A Collision

There are many safety devices available in the market but air bags have a special place because of its lifesaving characteristics. They are used as a safety measure that helps drivers and passengers from many types of accidents. Though these bags are a bit complex in design the driver must understand some basics to make sure they are working properly. For example, the warning airbag sign displayed on your dash is there to alert you of any issues that may exist. Every time you start you car your airbag module will cycle through all its components and report any problems by flashing the warning light. It is common for the light to flash a few times and then turn off. Once the light turns off your system is active and ready to protect you in a collision. However, if the light stays on you should review your owners' manual and take your car in for service.

If the airbag is not functioning properly, it can create a dangerous situation. Improper functioning of the air bag system can even lead to injuries and even an accident if not handled immediately. Suppose you are driving at high speed and suddenly the air bags deploy with out warning or collision. You will probably loose control of your vehicle or worse cause an accident without the protection of the airbags. So, it is very important to understand how and when the system is working properly. Here are a few tips to be aware of if the airbag warning light stays on.

First of all, check the seat belts and make sure you unlatch and latch them on again. A faulty switch in the seat belt buckle may be a sign that the switch is worn and may need replacing. If the light turns off during this step have your mechanic test for defects in the connection. It is important to note that on occasions if you have vacuumed you car recently, striking the connector of the seat belt with the nozzle of the vacuum may cause it to come loose or break. Follow the cable leading to the seat belt and simply snap it back into place to resolve the issue. If the connection is broken you will have to take the car in for repairs.

Second, another common problem that will turn on the airbag warning light is when your cars battery has been replaced or has completely depleted. You see, the airbag system in your car is equipped with a battery backup system to allow the airbags to deploy even if your cars battery is damaged on impact. Therefore, if the air bag backup battery has also depleted then it will send a signal to your airbag control module and the warning light will turn on. Usually, the light will turn off once you have replaced your cars battery to full charge, but on occasions you may have to service your vehicle to remove the crash code that was written to your airbag module.

In conclusion, any kind of warning light from your airbag system should cause you to take action. If the air bag light stays on it is important to know that you may not be protected in a collision. Use common sense and use the tips provided in this article, however, if the light remains on make an appointment to have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

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