Friday, October 31, 2014

Designed for 2014 - Are These New Cars Reliable?

Buying a newly introduced or redesigned car comes with some peril. Consumer Reports' annual reliability survey reveals the car where the gamble pays off, and where early adopters might get burned.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Government Makes Urgent Plea in Airbag Recall

More than 7.8 million vehicles are now recalled because of defective Takata airbags. NHTSA has expanded the recall to cover more cars and urges drivers with recall notices to get their cars repaired immediately. Look up recalls on your car at:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Auto Collision Estimation

Being in an auto collision is never a fun experience. Even if no one is injured, it can still be a stressful and annoying situation. It can also be costly. Auto repairs are expensive and getting more expensive every year. We want our cars fixed right, but we also want to get the best deal. To ensure you know the basics of what goes on when you take your care to a body shop for repairs, here is a brief checklist of what collision repair specialists do.

The initial step of auto collision repairs is inspection. A auto collision specialist is trained to recognize the extent of the damage and the type and amount of repairs to get the vehicle back on the road again. Auto repair specialists use both learned theoretical knowledge with practical experience to repair the car correctly. When you bring your car in (or it is towed in), here is what they do in the inspection process:

  • Use their intimate knowledge of the car's structure to evaluate and understand any core structural damage.
  • Find out and determine the car's history so old damage can be differentiated from the new damage.
  • Determine the point and intensity of impact to ensure less obvious areas of damage are detected.
  • Check the steel components of the body to determine welding and replacement needs.
  • Check all plastic components, such as door panels, for damage.
  • Determine if there has been any damage to the mechanical systems.
  • Determine if the suspension system has been damaged.
  • Analyze and determine the painting needs.

The second part of the process is the estimation. The following steps will be followed during this part of the repair process:

  • Check parts availability and pricing for all parts that need to be replaced.
  • Determine the total amount of labor hours needed to repair, replace, and paint.
  • Prepare a complete documentation for all repairs, parts, and costs for the customer.
  • Thoroughly explain all procedures, repairs, and estimates to the customer.
  • If there are repairs which may have more than one possible solution, explain the various options to the customer.
  • If some repairs will be done at a different location (some mechanical or suspension repairs may be done elsewhere), the reasons for this should be explained completely to the customer.

The auto body specialist should display a thorough knowledge of all repairs, and should take the time to answer any questions you may have. If the customer service seems poor, you may want to move on to the next body shop. You want your repairs done correctly, for a reasonable price, on time, and with a smile!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Night-Vision Technology in Cars Protects Pedestrians

Each year cars hit and kill more than 4,000 pedestrians and tens of thousands more are injured. Most of these accidents happen at night when drivers have limited vision but there are new technologies that make it easier for drivers to see in the dark.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fix Auto Repair Problems Immediately

Even in a good economy, people will often try and save money by forestalling an auto repair in order to save the money. We all deal with dings, dents, and scratches without running immediately to the mechanic, because not every sort of auto problem is a sign of imminent danger, some are just annoying sounds and modules that have become worn or broken with time.

However there are plenty of things which should have you calling your mechanic or driving it in for analysis immediately. There's no hard and fast rules about which sounds mean trouble, and which small signals are no big deal.

So it pays to do a few things in order to ensure that you're on top of your vehicle's health, making sure to fix any problems before they become great big problems.

Visually Inspect - Before you get into your car, take a look around and make sure your wheels are all full and riding at about the same height and angle. Sometimes a slow leak leaves a tire flat suddenly, but the driver doesn't realize this until they're on the road in a potentially dangerous situation.
Take a look under the car to be sure no parts appear loose, and there's no dragging of pieces or flimsily connected components hanging there.

Monitor your gauges and note how the heat, oil, water, and other fluid levels seem. Make sure your temperature appears not only low, but also stable.

Audial Inspection - While everyone loves music while driving, take plenty of time to drive your car and listen to it as it accelerates, as it breaks, when it starts, and how the engine feels as it powers down. There are lots of queues that we have which tell the seasoned mechanic something bad is about to happen. People often aren't as used to listening close to the needs of their cars, and could potentially be hazardous.

If you hear sounds or see something amiss, write it down and describe it as best you can, so you can easily reproduce the problem for any service person who might inspect your vehicle.

A car is the best way to transport yourself freely and inexpensively, but cars require a lot of maintenance and care as well. Take good care of your vehicle and pay attention to changes in sounds or performance. Also make sure to keep up with your regular scheduled maintenance so that fluid levels and normal wear and tear is erased.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting Your Car Back on the Road After a Collision

The process of repairing a car involved in a collision can vary depending on the extent and location of the damage. However, the way a quality shop goes about assessing, ordering, and repairing damage should be similarly thorough and knowledgeable every step of the way.

All repairs must start with an estimate that should result in a repair order for your vehicle. Once a repair order has been established the next step can begin.

This involves one or a team of technicians looking over your car, both in the affected areas, and in other spots that might have been damaged by the force of the crash.

Many shops will then order parts as needed and when they arrive, begin the necessary repairs. The best shops will have much of the inventory on-hand to get started with the job, and they will also likely inspect the vehicle one more time to check for additional damage or malfunction.

Parts of the interior are then removed in order to provide access to the areas which need servicing. Again, the best centers will inspect the body and metal work of your car at this point to ensure structural integrity.

If your car is getting a new paint job, your car will then be masked and painted, but if you need more involved work, your car will also be prepped and lifted into the position in which all problems can be addressed properly.

After the repairs are finished, there's still more to be done. The car must be precisely reassembled from the smallest details to larger paneling on the body.

Once the car is reassembled, a senior mechanic should perform one more thorough quality-control inspection to be sure the problems have indeed been fixed and all parts of the car have been reassembled and are working correctly.

Likely the shop will give your car a wash and detail, which is certain if you're getting a paint job. A final test drive should be the last step a shop takes just to make sure that everything is operating as intended, and the car is safe and operational.

Only at that point should the owner be called to come and collect their vehicle. If your car could talk it could let you know if every step has been done properly, but with this checklist in hand, you need only ask your repair center to make sure they're doing everything necessary.

Getting into a car accident puts a lot of stress on an individual. Your car is damaged, people get hurt and insurance rates go up. Bodywerks of Streamwood is a car collision center that understands what your going through and we are here to help. Getting your car repaired should be the last thing you need to focus on after an accident.
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Collision Repair: How Much Damage Is Too Much?

From minor bumps to high-speed crashes, most car accidents result in damages that require the expertise of an auto body repair shop. Collision repair isn't always simple. Even minor accidents can cause auto body damage that is expensive and timely to repair. The type of impact and the style of the damaged car both play a role in determining how much damage has occurred.

Determining a Total Loss

Many drivers think that there's no hope if their insurance company says that their car is 'totaled.' A car that is totaled is not necessarily unrepairable though. The extent of the damage has very little to do with whether or not an insurance company declares a total loss. Instead, the decision is based on the costof the collision repair in comparison to the fair market value of the car. If repairing the auto body damage will cost more than the car is worth, it is said to be totaled.

Structural Damage

Correcting damage to a vehicle's frame is one of the most expensive types of collision repair, but undoing structural damage is not impossible. A knowledgeable auto body repair shop will generally inspect a wrecked vehicle for misalignment before anything else. If the car doesn't meet the exact measurements of the manufacturer, advanced machines are used to pull the frame back to its original specifications.

Rear End Collisions

Depending on the speed, a car that is rear ended can suffer quite a bit of damage. Structural damage is not uncommon after a powerful rear collision. The amount of damage will also depend on the car. In a recent IIHS study, a low-speed rear end collision in a compact car with a poorly designed bumper can result in more than $3,500 in auto body damage. On the other hand, a car with dent-resistant plastic body panels can often be repaired for less than $200.

Frontal Impacts

Front-end collision repair is often more extensive than rear end damage. At higher speeds, a head-on collision can cause damage to the front bumper, the hood, the windshield, and the quarter panels. If the damage is minor, the auto body technician may choose to repair the panels rather than replace them. Unless the parts are pre-painted, the body shop will also have to match the paint color and re-spray each panel before reassembling the car.


A car that rolls over generally has much more auto body damage than a vehicle involved in a frontal or rear end crash. Damage to the frame is usually inevitable in a rollover. There is a possibility that every piece of the car has suffered at least minor body damage. The decision to repair a vehicle that has rolled over should be made carefully. Extensive damage like this could require additional mechanical work, as well.

Whether auto body damage appears to be major or minor, an experienced collision repair specialist should examine the car for unseen damage. Accidents can cause cosmetic damage that is fairly easy to repair, as well as frame damage or mechanical troubles that are much more costly to fix. Almost any type of collision damage can be repaired, but sometimes it is more cost efficient to scrap the vehicle.

There are many things to consider before choosing a body shop to handle your collision repair, painting, detailing, and restoration needs. Before you choose, download your FREE copy of the "12 Essential Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Body Shop" provided by A1 Body Shop.
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Friday, October 10, 2014

How Auto Body Repairs Saves You Money in the Long-Run

While the world's economy continues to become worse, we all keep on trying to save money and keep as much as we can in our pockets. We are simply trying our hardest to get the most value for what we spend and also make it last as long as possible.

One downfall is that it is inevitable that unfortunate accidents are going to happen and we will have to let some cash loose. It is no secret that our vehicles do take up quite a lot of our hard earned cash. However, this does not mean we stop spending our money on one of our most prized possessions.

It is vital to keep our vehicles looking fantastic, running well and also to protect their value and your investment. If you are unfortunate enough to have an automobile that has had auto body damage, then you will indeed save more money long-term by having a reputable body shop take care of the repairs immediately.

The majority of the time, car owners feel that if the vehicle they own has had some damage to the body, then they will need to get a whole new replacement for that part. Car owners should worry less as this is certainly not always the case. There are many auto repairs which can be performed including bumper repair, paint touch up, windshield repair, headlight restoration, wheel rim repair and much more, without replacing the whole part.

Auto repairs tend to cost a mere fraction of what replacement parts cost. Another advantage of repairs instead of replacements is that the job can be completed very quickly. The process usually only takes a few hours and there isn't the time consuming wait for specific parts to arrive.

Some damages, unfortunately, can actually lead to even more substantial repairs and costs, if the damage is not dealt with quickly enough. For example, if the vehicle has chipped or cracked paint, it is then exposing the metal body to all of the different types of elements especially moisture and in some areas road salt.

This is due to the fact that paint acts as a type of sealant. If the cracked or chipped paint is not repaired fast enough, then rust will gradually start to form around the area which is affected. This can lead to disaster, as rust is very invasive and is certainly a much more costly repair.

Therefore, if you have minor repairs sorted quickly, you will actually be able to keep your hard earned cash in your pocket. Most of the time, a rental car will not be required when you're vehicle is undergoing minor repairs because the work required will be completed very quickly. This will help you save cash as you will not need to pay for a rental, not to mention the added hassle of having to return the rented vehicle when your repairs are complete.

There are a lot of auto body shops that work closely with insurance companies while repairing vehicles. Some of these shops will even contact and negotiate with them for you. It is true that in most cases, your insurance company will certainly pay for the repairs, based upon your insurance coverage, however, if the work to be done is fairly minor, most people usually just pay the price themselves, as the cost is so small and far less than their deductable.

If you pay a little extra when the initial damage occurs, then it is a fact that you will save money in the long run. It will definitely prevent you from having to spend more on the smaller repairs that were not dealt with properly, which will result in even more extensive work required for your automobile.
On top of this, you will be able to maintain your vehicle's value, so that when the time comes to trade it in on a newer model, you will receive a much higher amount to put down on your next newest acquisition.

Majestic Collision Repair is Guelph's auto body experts. If you've been in an accident and need body work done, they'll lead you step-by-step through the entire process. They deal directly with your insurance provider, and also supply you with valet shuttle service and rental car support. As a fabulous finishing touch, they also supply a free car detailing. If you've been in an accident, or just need some cosmetic work done, go to mybodyshop website for more information.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Safest Car Seats for Toddlers | Consumer Reports

Toddlers are safest in a car if they stay in a rear-facing car seat until the age of 2. So once they get too tall for an infant seat, they should switch to a rear-facing convertible car seat. Consumer Reports has tested dozens.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Breaking Down Collision Repair Costs

Even if we have car insurance to fall back on when we get into an accident, understanding the costs of collision repair is beneficial in the long run because of the impact it has on future premiums. Knowing how much a repair can potentially cost also affects how you will deal with a collision repair shop. And if the damage to your car is extensive enough, knowing the potential cost of repair will help you make a decision on whether to claim for a total loss or not. As many car owners may have experienced, premiums do rise based on an owner's claims history and knowing when to claim or not has an impact on your future finances.

Why do seemingly simple repairs (such as repairing a dented bumper) cost so much? It's not only the collision repair shop's markup, although it is a variable to consider. An uninformed owner may think that it's a simple matter of taking out the bumper, whaling away with a hammer, applying some filler and then painting the thing. Well, one could do that, but would the end result be a finish that you would be proud of as well as retain the value of the car? Most likely not.

Many costs associated with collision repair are items that are not obvious to the untrained eye. Wires and sensors may need to be replaced. A non-visible sub-assembly may need to be straightened. A urethane bumper may need extra layers of primer or filler. Or there may be gaskets, seals or trim that need replacing to ensure a leak-proof cabin. Then add to that the cost of labor for properly doing a professional job and those little things quickly add up. If you take a close look at the damage to your vehicle in this kind of light, you will realize that the parts and labor needed to restore your car to its unscathed condition really do add up. To get an even better idea of what it would cost a collision repair shop to repair your vehicle, list the parts you think will need replacement and head down to a parts dealer. Don't forget the paint as well as the primers and fillers that will need to be applied. If you can use aftermarket parts instead of OEM parts, look up their prices too. When considering an estimate for the damage to your car, don't limit yourself to what is obviously damage. Also consider what could be wrong.

Labor charges vary, but it's safe to say that the more skilled and experienced the technicians are in a given collision repair shop, the more expensive they will be. On the plus side, you will be assured that will get the repair done correctly and quickly. This is also important to remember when dealing with repair chains. Consistency is not always their strong attribute, and where one branch may have excellent quality, the next may be marginal.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to Find a Reliable Car Collision Repair Center

Dealing with car collision repair is generally far from being a pleasant experience. Although nobody would want to get into an accident, it is always a possibility. Therefore, you must be prepared to get your vehicle repaired by finding the right collision auto body repair shop.

Here are some easy steps that will help you choose a good and dependable car body repair center.

Get as many reviews as possible. First, ask your reliable friends, family, and even co-workers about their experience with car repair shops. This is a great place to start. Of course, you can always trust the recommendation of your family and friends, right?

Also, read people's comments from online local review sites about their opinions or perhaps good and bad experience with local collision repair shops. It is imperative that you check the reputation of the auto repair shop. Verify any complaints against your prospective shop in the Better Business Bureau and see if they give warranties as well.

Talk with your insurance company. You first might want to consider talking with your insurance company. Insurance providers usually have partnership agreements with local repair shops. Ask for any recommendation and they will offer you a list of competent collision centers. However, also consider references from outside sources as these shops may take short cuts and compromise the quality of repair just to save money.

Ask for an estimate. Compare price quotes among different repair shops first. Most collision repair shops will readily give you cost estimates. This will determine the extent of damage control that has to be done on your car. Once you get an estimate, try calling a few other local auto body repair centers and ask how much would they will charge for same repairs. Of course this will help you make a better decision.

Evaluate the collision repair facility. Know if they have the latest tools when it comes to car restoration. You see, cars these days have computer features in them, so see if they have advanced tools that are essential to restore your car to its original shape. Also, ask about the type of parts they use. Some repair outlets use recycled materials and auto parts. Know if they make use of recycled auto salvage or junkyard parts. This might help you save more on the repair.

As the accident process is indeed stressful enough, it is important that you ensure you only find top quality collision repair center to avoid further stress and hassle.

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