Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recharging Or Fixing Your Car's Air Conditioning System Should Be Left To The Experts

Your automobile's air conditioner can make the difference between a comfortable trip, and one which requires you to shower and change clothes upon arriving to your destination. Automotive air conditioning units are composed of many parts which require maintenance and repair like any other part of your vehicle.

Make sure to have your air conditioning charged and repaired before the hot weather arrives. If your A/C unit is blowing hot air, or little to no air then it's time to have a professional step in.

A mechanic will visually inspect your hoses, lines, and seals to make sure there are no leaks before going ahead with costly repairs. They'll check temperature readings and inspect your drive belt for damage or cracks. The same air conditioning belt is used for many of your car's functions, so if it's broken you could experience a lot more mechanical problems than a hot and sweaty drive.

Technicians must also have a look at the compressor and take readings to see if that's the offending part that's causing the system to malfunction. Adding or getting rid of refrigerant can make a tremendous difference in the performance of your air conditioner, and this just like any servicing of the compressor, evaporator, or condenser is something only professionals are equipped to do.

While all major servicing should be left to the professionals, air conditioning repair is perhaps the most dangerous repair an amateur or professional could attempt. The refrigerant used in cars is Freon, usually two types of it which are invisible and colorless in their vapor form. Breathing in these vapors or exposing yourself to them could cause irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, and possibly even unconsciousness if not in a properly ventilated area.

Mixing these two gasses is also dangerous, as is heating them. Many amateur mechanics use what's called the "torch method" in which they hold a torch under the hood to see if any Freon is leaking. This method is incredibly dangerous,Exposing refrigerant to an open flame turns it into a poisonous gas known as phosgene gas. When inhaled, phosgene gas can cause severe respiratory damage that is not reversible, or even death.

Your cooling system is a complicated and intricate one involving dangerous chemicals that require professional help. If you suspect a problem then take it to a professional, as a Freon leak is nothing to try and pinch pennies on.

Keeping cool isn't just about your comfort, it's about the safety of you and your passengers.

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