Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Poor Car Maintenance Can Cause an Accident

Owning a car provides you with a great sense of freedom. Having the ability to go off for a drive at the drop of a hat is a luxury that is well worth having and should not be taken for granted.

Yet owning and using a car carries many responsibilities that need to be taken in to consideration if you choose to be a good and careful driver and avoid road traffic accidents.

As with all cars there are many moving parts, each of which can go wrong. This is not to say that they will. Like many things if something is well maintained then it can last a long time. So what sort of basic car maintenance should you be doing to make sure your car remains safe to drive?

Cleaning the car

You may ask why but there are plenty of reasons why a car should be kept clean. For example, clean windows will allow you to see clearly in all levels of light and weather conditions. A clean steering wheel that is clear of grease will mean that it won't slip through your hands when driving. All litter should be taken out of the car, if anything was to roll under the pedal it may prevent you from applying the breaks in a moment of need, resulting in a crash.

Checking the oil

The oil is the 'blood' if the car and with out this, the engine would seize up and the car would stop working. It can also cause great harm to allow the engine to run out of oil and may even become broken beyond repair. You should always consider the type of oil that you use seriously as by using oil that is not up to the job can lead to long term problems as well as additional expense.

Checking car tires

Checking the tires in not only a good measure to remain safe but a legal requirement. There should be not less that 1.6mm of tread on the tire, anything less than this can make the car illegal to drive, cost you a fine and could result in you getting penalty points on your license.

These tips alone will ensure that you are a step closer to remaining as a safe driver and one that will be able to reduce the chance of an accident.

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