Friday, June 22, 2012

Colors and Cars: Does It Matter?

What difference does the color of someones car make? Well, it makes the biggest difference to the person buying the vehicle. Everyone has their likes and dis-likes when it comes to personal style. A car is no different. Color seems to mean a different thing to many and you would be surprised at some of the colors that are liked by many. People also take the current trends, re-sale value, and the appeal of colors into consideration before making a final choice.

Current trends show that car colors style varies based on the age groups. Older buyers prefer the traditional black, white or silver, while younger buyers prefer to add a little color and be fashion forward. When cars were first introduced the only option was black. Over time more options such as white and silver became available. Older buyers like the black color due to its timeless nature. Black is simple, classy and very conservative. On the other hand, younger buyers tend to explore the color choices of orange, purple, yellow and pink. These exotic car colors can be seen as a reflection of who they are and make that the deciding factor.

Taking the re-sale value into consideration is a great idea. If you decide on an odd choice of color there could be some effects in your ability to resale. Considering new buyers are looking for a car based on their particular likes the color choice falls into that category. When trying to sell the condition of the paint job could affect the asking price. The color you chose can sometimes be hard for the new buyer to find resulting in them being stuck with a badly worn out car exterior.

There was once a time where certain colors were presumed to attract the boys in blue, also known as, the police. It was a popular trend in movies and commercials for a speeding car to always be the color red. Red is a color that exemplifies someones status in life, their strength, energy, passion and will power to name a few. Although, there is no proven statistics to show red cars get more traffic tickets, it definitely was the perception. Some reports show that gray or silver cars actually receive more tickets than any other. So, with that information you can choose a color that depicts who you are and still find a likely buyer to purchase the car without remorse.

One can never know if the color of a car is their way to describe themselves. While color plays a role in the buying it is sometimes the price that will get the final say so. With more and more manufacturing companies producing cars in all colors you're almost assured to find one that you like at a reasonable price and design. So, picking the traditional black, gray or silver can be a safe bet depending on what you like! If you decide to pick a pink, purple, orange or red car you should still have the same interest in your car as the other. One thing is for sure that the most unlikely person to purchase a car of bold color could be the buyer, as well as, the one looking for the classic clean look of a neutral and safe color could surprise you. One thing not to worry about Is your insurance company basing you rate off the color alone.

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