Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Safe Driving Is Your Responsibility - Accident Avoidance Tips

Drivers today are very distracted. Facebook, Twitter, email - there are so many things to keep you distracted while driving. But if you are doing any of these while driving you are not practicing safe driving habits and it can cost you.
You don't need to take an accident avoidance training course to understand that those things can wait. It is not worth losing your life or causing a wreck that kills someone else so you can "Like" your friend's new status update.
The same thing with texting while driving. It is dangerous and can cost you your life, especially when you are going 70 miles per hour on the highway. It doesn't take much to lose control of the vehicle and cause a multi car wreck.
Then you can be facing a lawsuit for causing personal injuries to the other driver and passengers. Their lawyers will have a strong case because they can subpoena your phone records and see that you were texting right before the accident. That is a case you will lose and it can cost you.
You can practice safe driving by pulling over to the side of the road and send your messages if you must. Or wait until you get to your destination to check your email, Facebook, or Twitter. Nothing is worth losing your life or causing someone else to lose theirs over your recklessness.
Believe it or not, you can live without Facebook.
Another accident avoidance tip is to keep your eyes on the road and looking ahead at traffic and what's coming up. By keeping your eyes on the road and away from the radio, phone or your comb, you can anticipate an oncoming car turning or be able to step on the brakes if the car in front of needs to brake.
The next accident avoidance tip is to keep your hands on the wheel. Driving with your knees or any other body part is foolish. You need at least one hand on the wheel at all times. You never know when a stray dog will run out in front of you or you have to swerve to avoid a car merging into your lane incorrectly.
Double check your blind spots to make sure it is ok to chance lanes is another crash avoidance tip to remember. After you check your mirrors, do a quick head check to make sure no one is in the lane you want to get into. Many sideswipe accidents occur when drivers rely on just their mirrors to make sure there is no vehicle there.
One last safe driving tip is to sign up for a defensive driving course. Not only will you get a refresher on accident avoidance tips but you can also save money on your auto insurance.
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