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Selecting the Right Auto Body Dent Repair Specialist

Modern vehicles manufacturers use innovative materials on the skin of you car. These materials are as thin and as light as possible while still retaining aesthetics and safety. However, no matter what material is used, dents and dings still happen all too often. Finding the right technician is the key to getting the job done correctly at a fair price.

Choosing a Dent Repair Specialist in 4 Easy Steps
  1. Type of Repair. The first step is to determine if the dent can be fixed by paintless dent repair specialist or if it needs to be repaired by a traditional body shop. If the paint is not chipped, it can often be repaired using this method. Paint less dent repair is a more affordable method to fix dents; this process does not involve extensive repair work or painting. Even if it requires more extensive repairs, using the services of a dent repair specialist is advised.

  2. Certified and Trained. Most repair specialists have had extensive training, but there are some who lurk in the shadows and offer great prices for dent repair. Some traditional auto body shops, even though trained in auto body repair, may be lacking knowledge of some of the more innovative and current techniques for fixing car dents. Select a technician who specializes in dent repair and who can display evidence of recent training and certification and you can be sure that the job will be done correctly.

  3. Ensuring Quality Work. When deciding on a specialist, it is important to shop around. It is also wise to do your homework and find out more about a repair shop's reputation and quality of work. Ask to see photos of previous work, look online for reviews and testimonials, and ask around among your friends, co-workers, or neighbors. The more positive reviews the better; ask about reasonable pricing, any additional costs above quoted price, any delays, the quality of the work, and the personality of the technicians.

  4. Guaranteed Results. The specialist should offer guarantees that the work will be done. You should receive an accurate time frame for completion of the work, you should know that they can actually repair the dent, and there should be a guarantee on the quality of the work completed.
Selecting the right specialist is an important decision. You want to make sure you pay a fair price and receive quality and guaranteed results. Doing a little homework will go a long way toward finding the right specialist for your car.

Jennifer Greenfield is a writer in the auto repair business. For more information on paintless dent removal Natick Ma, visit Final Finish at
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