Tuesday, September 3, 2013

10 Must Do Things After a Car Wreck That Wasn't Your Fault

We all know that being in a car accident is SCARY! It's traumatic for everyone involved and you feel shaky for weeks to come even when there is little to no damage. But what most people don't realize when they have a traumatic experience like this is how to handle it. When you or someone you know is involved in a vehicle accident that is NOT your fault, there is a general check list that needs to be followed.

1. "Capture the Scene"

Most everyone nowadays has a cellular phone equipped with a camera. Use your phone to take pictures of the scene of the accident which includes both cars and damages. Having these photos can help prove the fact that the accident was indeed NOT your fault.

2. "Call the Police"

This should not only be done when an accident is not your fault. Always contact the police when an accident occurs so there will be sufficient evidence for both parties involved. After all, that is what police are for, to help people and make sure everyone involved in any accident is A. O. K.!

3. "Who Else Saw What Happened?"

Check around the scene to ask for names and numbers of people who saw the accident and can prove that it was NOT your fault! If the person you have the car accident with is lying, let's just hope and pray that your witnesses are not liars too!! And don't forget about that camera phone we talked about earlier, you bought it for a reason, use it! Take pictures of anything and everything!

4. "Can I See Your Insurance Card?"

Exchange insurance information, ALWAYS, every single time! Their insurance information is how you file a claim that the accident was NOT your fault.

5. "Ow, My Back Hurts!"

Even minor accidents can cause internal damage. If your back is hurting, go see a chiropractor IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT wait up until insurances are checked and so forth. Your health is the most important thing no matter the price.

6. "Chat with Your Attorney."

Who doesn't want an attorney on their side in any case? Having an attorney not only helps you take your time to heal while they do all the work but it makes everything go by so much SMOOTHER! Who doesn't love things that go by smooth?

7. "File a Claim!"

You swapped insurance information for a reason! Call the responsible party's policy holder and file a claim. They too, along with your attorney, will let you know exactly what to do and where to go and give you every file to fill out! Wow, don't you wish everything was that easy?

8. "Dear Diary... "

Keep a journal that documents your every move from the time of the wreck until the time you make your final settlement. Chiropractic visits, car repair, attorney visits, EVERYTHING having to do with that car accident. It not only helps your case, but isn't it just fun to keep a diary?

9. "Do Your Homework!"

Don't let filling out your paperwork become like doing your homework in grade school. Complete it timely and double check it! The faster the paperwork gets done, the faster you get all your money back!

10. THE MOST IMPORTANT!! "Follow Doc's Instructions!"

If you were injured in the car accident that was NOT your fault and you visited a chiropractor, do what he or she says! They know what they are talking about and they are only helping you in the long run with not only your health but your wallet too! It's not going to look too good for your case if you were supposed to be in the bed but were out partying instead. That screams possible insurance fraud! Play it safe and you won't regret it!

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