Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Get Better Gas Mileage

Since gas is so high nowadays I am always looking for ways to get better gas mileage. I drive a lot and it can really be a drain on my budget. I found some new ways to get better gas mileage and also felt like sharing some that I already knew. Hopefully I can help you save some money on gas!

Don't use your car as a storage bin

Having extra weight in your care means that your car is working harder to move. This will take a toll on your fuel economy so take in all the extra stuff. The less work a vehicle has to do to accelerate means the less energy is consumed.

Change your oil

I used to have a friend that joked that the oil doesn't try to change her so why should she change the oil? Made me laugh every time but I always worried that she didn't understand the importance. The oil in your engine allows the pistons to move up and down more easily and the easier things move the less fuel it takes to move them.

Replace your spark plugs

Clean, properly gapped spark plugs are always the best to make your engine run its best. The better your engine runs the better your fuel consumption will be. If your plugs have a lot of carbon built up on them it will take more fuel for your engine to move and that isn't doing anyone any good.

Roll your windows up on the highway

At speeds higher than 55 mph you should always roll your side windows up. When they are down the wind will actually come in the vehicle, hit the back window and slow you down. It isn't a huge difference but if you make a lot of small changes you will see a difference in your gas mileage.

Turn your car off if you are parked for more than 1 minute

It takes more gas for your engine to idle than it does to start the vehicle so if you are stopped in a parking lot for more than a minute turn your vehicle off.

Install a high air flow air filter

If your vehicle doesn't get enough air flow then not all of your fuel will be burned. This is just a waste of money. Check into a high air flow air filter and you might see a major difference in fuel economy. No matter what you will see a difference but usually it is a substantial one.

Make a path for your errands

If you are out running errands then plan your trip. Go in a logical path that doesn't have you backtracking all over town. You will save on gas and time with this one.

Keep your tires properly inflated

If you have ever tried to ride a bicycle on a flat tire then you will know that it is a lot more work. This same principle applies to the tires on your vehicle. Make sure they are properly inflated so your engine doesn't have to work harder to move the wheels.

Hopefully you will try all of these and they will help you out. I know it has saved me money on my fuel consumption.

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