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Facts on Pothole Damage and Your Wheel Alignment

Potholes are one of the daily driving hazards people face, and one that sometimes cannot be avoided. They can cause extensive damage to vehicles that requires costly repairs. The best prevention is to avoid potholes altogether. Sometimes automobile collision insurance covers part of pothole damage repair.

Avoiding pothole damage:

• Keep tire pressure at the manufacturers recommended level.
• Correctly inflated tires are the best buffer between potholes and your car.
• Over-inflated and under-inflated tires are equally poor at preventing pothole damage
• Leave plenty of space between your car and the one in front of you. This allows you to see potholes and avoid them if possible.
• Drive slower during inclement weather. This will help you see hazards, including potholes, before they damage your car.

What to do if you hit a pothole:

• Immediately examine tires and rims for damage.
• Check tire pressure.
• Pay attention to how your car handles.
• Get your car checked by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

Potential damage from potholes varies by the size of the hole that was struck and the speed of the car at the time of impact. The angle of impact is also a factor.

• Tire puncture, damage or uneven wear
• Wheel rim damage
• Wear and damage to shocks and struts
• Suspension system damage
• Steering system misalignment
• Exhaust system damage
• Engine damage
• Wheel misalignment
• Undercarriage damage

Noticeable effects and behaviors of the car that indicate damage has occurred:

• Flat tires or bulging sidewalls
• Uneven wear on tires
• Fluid leaks from the undercarriage
• Odd noises coming from the exhaust system
• Shock absorbers and springs are less resilient, resulting in a rougher ride and less responsive steering.
• Pulling in one direction rather than rolling in a straight path indicates alignment problems.
• Poor wheel alignment can make a car unsafe to handle in an emergency.
• Car may sway or rock during turns, or it may bounce a lot. This makes the car less safe to drive, and indicates problems with the shocks or suspension system.

If the alignment is knocked off center by a pothole, tires wear unevenly and wear out sooner. The car is more difficult to handle, because the driver must constantly fight to keep it headed in a straight line. A car that has struck a pothole has a significant chance of wheel or steering system misalignment. Have a mechanic examine the car immediately and repair any problems, to prevent bigger problems down the road.

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