Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How To Pick The Right Auto Repair Shop

Finding the right Auto Repair Shop before the hour of need is very important. Intelligent decisions are made after evaluating the facts. Emergencies create an emotional environment that thwarts clear and decisive action.

The first decision is whether to go to a dealership, a chain or an independent shop for your repair. A dealership has mechanics that are experts in your make of car, but dealerships are typically more expensive than chains or independent shops. Chains are less expensive than dealerships, but more expensive than independents. Chains are tied to their policies and rates and are not usually able to offer the customer anything extra. Independent shops are often the best deal. In order to stay in business, they must offer quality service at lower prices, but consider that the mechanics are as a rule not specialized for any particular make or model. A good approach to deciding is to ask your friends, co-workers, family members, etc. for their recommendations. You can also ask local car clubs who they use for repairs.

Another factor to consider when choosing a repair facility is the equipment. Does the shop have state-of-the-art equipment such as hand held computer scanners and diagnosis software, digital volt-ohm meters, logic probes, lab scopes, and on-line computer systems like CAS, Alldata, or Mitchell-On-Demand? Don't be afraid to ask the shop if they have this equipment. These systems and tools are necessary to diagnose and repair your hi-tech car accurately. Without them, fixing your automobile is a hit-and-miss proposition.

Be sure and ask a lot of questions when you take your vehicle in for repairs. You need to know the rates up front. Many shops follow a suggested time schedule listed by the manufacturer, with each repair given an estimate of how long the repair should take. Even though a repair may seem fairly minor, the estimated time for the repair could be long, which means expensive to you. It could also be that you end of paying for the entire estimated time, when in actuality, it only took the mechanic half the estimated time to complete the repair. You need to be aware of how the shop determines their rates. You also need to know what kind of parts they use. Are they genuine replacement parts or are they generic or rebuilt parts? Genuine parts are more expensive, but will more than likely perform better and last longer. Generic and rebuilt parts will save you money.

Once you find that great shop, be a loyal customer. When you develop a relationship with your repair shop, you can get those extras and discounts. Refer your friends and family. You never know when you will have a vehicle emergency and need your repair shop to help you out.

Wayne Vanderpool owns an Auto Repair Shop and has years of experience in the industry. He believes in providing quality services and retaining the relationship with the customers.
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