Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting Your Car Back on the Road After a Collision

The process of repairing a car involved in a collision can vary depending on the extent and location of the damage. However, the way a quality shop goes about assessing, ordering, and repairing damage should be similarly thorough and knowledgeable every step of the way.

All repairs must start with an estimate that should result in a repair order for your vehicle. Once a repair order has been established the next step can begin.

This involves one or a team of technicians looking over your car, both in the affected areas, and in other spots that might have been damaged by the force of the crash.

Many shops will then order parts as needed and when they arrive, begin the necessary repairs. The best shops will have much of the inventory on-hand to get started with the job, and they will also likely inspect the vehicle one more time to check for additional damage or malfunction.

Parts of the interior are then removed in order to provide access to the areas which need servicing. Again, the best centers will inspect the body and metal work of your car at this point to ensure structural integrity.

If your car is getting a new paint job, your car will then be masked and painted, but if you need more involved work, your car will also be prepped and lifted into the position in which all problems can be addressed properly.

After the repairs are finished, there's still more to be done. The car must be precisely reassembled from the smallest details to larger paneling on the body.

Once the car is reassembled, a senior mechanic should perform one more thorough quality-control inspection to be sure the problems have indeed been fixed and all parts of the car have been reassembled and are working correctly.

Likely the shop will give your car a wash and detail, which is certain if you're getting a paint job. A final test drive should be the last step a shop takes just to make sure that everything is operating as intended, and the car is safe and operational.

Only at that point should the owner be called to come and collect their vehicle. If your car could talk it could let you know if every step has been done properly, but with this checklist in hand, you need only ask your repair center to make sure they're doing everything necessary.

Getting into a car accident puts a lot of stress on an individual. Your car is damaged, people get hurt and insurance rates go up. Bodywerks of Streamwood is a car collision center that understands what your going through and we are here to help. Getting your car repaired should be the last thing you need to focus on after an accident.
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