Thursday, November 6, 2014

Frame Repair Can Save Your Vehicle

You may think that if the frame of your vehicle is damaged it is a total loss. With today's modern frame repair the frame of your vehicle can many times be safely repaired and your vehicle saved. Something as simple as hitting a pothole at high speeds can damage your frame. Most of today's vehicles are constructed with a unibody frame which means the vehicle is built right onto the frame (unlike older methods which placed the vehicle on the frame after it was built) and this presents a challenge to frame repair. This is why frame repair is better left to the professionals who have the right equipment and skills to perform frame repair safely and efficiently.

How Frame Damage Affects Your Vehicle

There are several signs your vehicle may have suffered frame damage. A bad accident is an obvious cause, but uneven tire wear, vibration, uneven wheel alignment, and leaning to one side can also be symptoms of frame damage. The safety and performance of your vehicle is greatly affected by frame damage. Your ability to control your vehicle as well as increased wear and tear are all factors to be considered. If the frame of your vehicle is damaged the signs and symptoms will only worsen with time.

Frame Repair Basics

As mentioned before many cars, SUV's, and small trucks have a unibody construction. Larger commercial vehicles are still built with a separate frame, and it takes a qualified shop to know how to fix both types of frame construction. The technician does more than just a quick overview to assess the damage; they must have a thorough knowledge of each type of frame, and the signs of damage to look for.

Once the damage is assessed the vehicle is placed on a large hydraulic machine which stretches and bends the frame back to factory specifications. The technician monitors this process carefully to ensure the frame is properly manipulated. Many times additional straightening and welding are needed to repair the frame. Not only do technicians need a thorough knowledge of vehicle construction, but they must also be versed in the many different types of metals used in frame construction and their properties. This helps prevent further damage to the frame, and enables the technician to repair the frame safely.

Not a Shade Tree Mechanic Job

You may see frame repair kits at your local store, but they can't give you the safe and proper repair provided by a qualified shop equipped with heavy duty equipment and a thorough knowledge of repair processes. If repaired incorrectly your vehicle may become unsafe and unreliable. For example unless they are calibrated to the original factory setting your air bags may not deploy properly in the event of a crash, or they may deploy at the wrong time. Don't take chances with your vehicle's safety and leave this job to the professionals.

If done properly frame repair can save your vehicle. Not all frame damage is catastrophic. A qualified shop with the right equipment can straighten and repair your vehicle and get it back on the road in good running order.

Kathryn McDowell is a freelance writer with a mission to educate her readers. She recommends professional frame repair if your vehicle has suffered any type of frame damage.
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