Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Collision Repair: Are There Any Visible Problems?

Getting into a vehicle collision is stressful enough, but after that, you have to get your vehicle repaired so it will function properly and you can go about your life. Many people are afraid of being swindled by auto mechanics, but most individuals don't know how to check on the level of quality in the collision repair. By understanding what to look for and how to perform an overall inspection of the repair that has been done, you can save money and ensure that your car has been properly repaired after being in a collision.

What to Look for After Collision Repair or Dent Repair

Make sure the seams on your vehicle all line up properly. If you notice that some of the seams aren't perfectly lined up, it could be that there was an accident during the alignment or that the technicians simply didn't do an adequate job with the collision repair. In addition, the seams should be evenly spaced, with parallel lines from adjacent parts. Note the use of "shims," which are small metal spacers that technicians often use between parts. These should be used sparsely, as several tend to indicate improper structure repair. You'll also want to check for minimal seam sealer. If you notice more than what is typical, or the job looks sloppily done, it should act as a red flag to you that the collision repair hasn't been done properly.

How to Check the Quality of a Welding Job

In some cases of collision repair, the technician will need to weld the metal on the vehicle. All areas where the metal was welded should look neat and clean. The welds should appear to be part of the metal of the car; sanded smoothly and protected from corrosion. It's important that any added or replaced parts have been welded in the same areas as the factory parts would have been welded in. If not, the technician may not have known what he was doing, and the repair job may not be as good as it could be. Ask the technician to show you the areas that the car was welded in, if they're viewable.

Inquiring about the Measuring System

One great way to determine whether your vehicle is being repaired properly is to ask the technicians at the auto body shop about the type of measuring system they use to ensure that everything is lined up properly. High-quality shops will use digital systems that accurately measure a vehicle's structure and frame. The machine will compare the current measurements to those of the factory guidelines and then provide that information to the technicians so they can ensure that everything lines up properly.

If you still feel uncomfortable checking your own vehicle at the paint shop or collision repair shop, take a more qualified individual with you to check it out. Before you leave the shop, you should thoroughly inspect your vehicle to determine whether the technicians did a great job or not. You should also obtain a report covering every procedure that was done to your vehicle.

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