Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some Tips to Take Care of the Car Air Conditioner (AC)

The car Air Conditioner (AC) is an important device that will make your driving convenience. But, you have to make sure that this works well. If the AC does not work well, you will feel hot when you are driving inside your car. To make keep it maintained, there are some things that you can do to take care of this device. The following tips can help you to take care of the AC in your car.

Tips # 1

Always keep the cabin clean from dust and dirt. In this case, you have to make sure that you clean the carpets also. This is because the dust and the dirt in the carpets will result mold and spores. If they are not cleaned, you will smell unpleasant odor when the AC is turned on.

Tips # 2

When you wash your car, open the hood and spray water on the AC Condenser. It looks like a radiator and is usually located in front of the radiator. By doing this, the dirt or dust will be loosen so that they will not cause corrosion or porous that can cause leakage in the condenser.

Tips # 3

When you want to park your car, select a shady parking lot when parking in a long time. If you park your car in hot place, you will feel hot when you enter the car. This will needs long process to cool the air. This will make the AC will work hard to cool the car cool when the car is running.

Tips # 4

Check the extra fan in front of AC Condenser whether turns on when the AC is turned on. If it does not turn on immediately, it will result in high compressor hose is damaged or the press could explode.

Tips # 5

Do not smoke in the car because the fumes can contaminate the evaporator, its nicotine can be slimy and sticky. This will make cause the unpleasant smell and it is hard to loose.

Tips # 6

Do not maximize the AC load when you drive in the high speed. This can make its temperature lower.

Tips # 7

Before starting the machine turn off the AC first and after the machine stable, turn on the AC. Vice versa, turn off the AC before turning off the engine.

Tips # 8

Do not use fragrances and perfumes that have less quality. And do not use fragrances that are plugged into your grill. This can break the grill of your AC. Since some grills are not available in the market, you should pay attention to this.

Tips # 9

If there are unusual symptoms, such as the temperature is less cold, you should bring your car to a repair shop for car AC. This is done to prevent excessive damage that will result high cost for the repairing.

Tips # 10

Do the routine maintenance. It is highly recommended once a year to replace receiver dryer, compressor oil, services blower, evaporator, condenser drain and freon. Routine maintenance will extend the function of the AC component become longer. This will also makes the air is always fresh.

Those are some things that you have to do to take care of your car AC. By doing those things, you will find that the car AC that you have will last for long time. You will also be able to drive conveniently.

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