Monday, December 28, 2015

Indications That You May Need New Tires

During the hot summer months, your tires take a beating that you may not realize. With the heat of the road coupled with long summer trips, the wheels on your car wear out quicker than you realize. There is a reason that fall is known as the blowout season for vehicles. You might not realize it is time to replace the rubber, but there are warning signs to keep you from having to deal with a flat on the side of the road.

Low Tire Tread

One of the most obvious ways you can tell it's time to replace your wheels is the tread. Those bumps and grooves on the outside help you stay on the road during wet or icy conditions. As those wear down, and the surface becomes smoother, you will lose that traction and put yourself at risk when you are driving. If you allow the tread to get too low, the wear can cause a misalignment in the front end. You could also have problems if there is damage or if they are underinflated.

Wear on Side

Another sign it's time to replace your tires is if there is one side that has more wear than the other. If the wear is in the center, you probably are overinflating them. Those with wear on the edges are driving around on underinflated ones. However, if one side has less tread than another does, it is an indicator that there is something else wrong. You may need your car's suspension realigned. There could also be a problem with parts such as damaged springs or ball joints. The best choice is to take it to a repair shop and have someone check it out.


Extreme weather conditions, hitting curbs, or driving through potholes can cause the rubber to crack. The damage may even look like holes in the side of the wheel itself. If you see any cracking, you should get it replaced as soon as possible. This is a blowout waiting to happen. It can also be causing a steady leak, which will result in you driving on an underinflated tire.

Warning Light

Newer cars have what is known as a pressure warning light. This indicator shows up on your dashboard and looks like a U with an exclamation mark in the middle. They are designed to warn you if you have low pressure in any of the four wheels. You can simply add air to it, but it is in your best interest to take it somewhere and have it looked at in order to determine what caused the leak in the first place.


Yes, the road can make your car feel like you are riding on a horse instead of in an automobile. However, that's different from the vibration of bad tires. Usually, you can feel it in the steering wheel before the rest of the car. Because it could mean more than just worn out rubber, you should have a mechanic check it to make sure your suspension and shocks are OK.

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