Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Always Be Prepared for Auto Emergencies

We live in modern times and basically everyone has car insurance, an auto club membership, or a cellphone, and many of us drive new car models which are not likely to break down. Accidents and malfunctions still happen, and when they happen in an area that is not inhabited, we may find ourselves in a bit of trouble.

The first move for many will be to pick up the phone and call for help from your auto club, but this can take a lot of time. Your phone battery could be dead and the reception in some of the wilder parts of the country is certainly not reliable.

This is why it is important to always have a car emergency kit with you, with all the emergency materials and tools you might need to make minor fixes to your vehicle yourself, and at least get it running until you reach the nearest gas station or town. At the very least, you should have everything you need to wait it out until someone can come pick you up or until another car comes along so you can ask for help.

Some of the emergency materials you should always prepare before going on a trip include:

- First aid kit
- Charged phone or phone battery
- Spare tire
- Tire gauge
- Jumper cables
- Duct tape
- Rugs and gloves
- Drinking water
- Blankets, shovels and clothes

While some of these emergency materials such as jumper cables, duct tape and tire gauge will help you do actual fixes to your car, most of the listed items are survival gear. You don't know where a breakdown can happen, and during long trips you may end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. Having a turned off, charged phone is a great idea, but sometimes there is simply no reception.

In these cases, if you can't fix your car yourself, all you can really do is wait. This is where the other emergency materials will help, as they will keep you warm, hydrated and alive until someone comes along and you can finally get back to civilization.

In some cases, you may have to spend the night in your car, and being well prepared for such an emergency may mean the difference between being comfortable or extremely uncomfortable and in extreme cases even between life and death.

Making sure you learn a bit about auto mechanics before setting out on long trips will be the smartest thing, because minor breakdowns can be fixed with a simple set of emergency tools and materials. If the breakdown is more serious, it is important to call a professional auto repair shop that can make any necessary repairs to your car.

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