Friday, July 31, 2020

The Best Way To Compare Car Engines - BMEP

One of the best ways to compare engines is BMEP - Brake Mean Effective Pressure. This is the average pressure applied to pistons during the power stroke that results in the measured torque output. In simple terms, it's a way of analyzing torque per liter of engines. Using BMEP, we can answer fascinating questions: How is Ford's 5.0L Mustang engine more impressive than Ferrari's 812 Superfast V12 (at its time the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in any road car ever)? What's embarrassing about Rolls-Royce's twin-turbo V12 engine? How much power can naturally aspirated engines make? Is it worth modifying naturally aspirated engines? BMEP answers all!

BMEP is fascinating! If you watch through to the end, I'm 99% sure your mind will be as blown as mine was researching for this video! Really cool stuff, like how Ford shows up Ferrari with the Mustang, how Rolls-Royce builds a head-scratcher of an engine, and if naturally aspirated engine mods are actually worth doing. Hope you enjoy!