Friday, April 2, 2021

How Aerodynamics Help Make a Car Go Faster

If you are a fan of car racing games, you are probably aware that car design and aerodynamics play an important role in a car’s speed. That is because car design makes up the aerodynamics of a car and speed is not the only factor affected by aerodynamics.

Also, aerodynamics is not only important for a fast car but also for a standard passenger car; in fact, you might be surprised to learn that some of these passenger cars have a better design in terms of aerodynamics than a sports car. Before going into more detail about the topic, let’s start with answering the basic questions: “What is aerodynamics, and what affects the aerodynamics of a car?”

You probably do not notice while you are walking down the street or driving at low speeds in your car, but the surrounding air displays resistance to you or your car. Actually, any solid object moving through the air is met with this resistance, and the study of the interactions between the air and these solid bodies is called aerodynamics. A car with good aerodynamics cuts through the wall of air in a more efficient way. Two separate forces make up the aerodynamics, and there are special techniques and materials used to test the aerodynamics of a car.

If you would like to learn more about these techniques and how automotive aerodynamics is measured, this video is here to answer your questions. Apart from learning technical information about vehicle aerodynamics, you will also learn interesting details such as why designers chose certain shapes like “raindrop” as well.