Thursday, June 10, 2021

8 Technologies That Stop Nearly Any Vehicle

To ensure road and pedestrian safety, our roads need barrier systems that stop overspeeding cars. However, do you know how efficient these vehicle safety barriers are in slowing down fast-moving vehicles?

In this video, we bring you eight ultra-efficient barrier systems you have to see to believe. Watch as speeding vehicles are stopped dead in their tracks by these systems.

First, there are the wedge barriers that are hydraulically powered to move up and down. Then, there is the Grappler Police Bumper that disables the rear wheels of the car, bringing it to an abrupt but safe halt. You can see why this system is so popular with the police.

The modular vehicle barrier can stop vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tons. Furthermore, it can be assembled to any length and is easy to deploy. The RF Safe-Stop system is a non-contact jamming system that can stop any moving vehicle on land, air, or sea. It operates by transmitting an electromagnetic pulsed beam that temporarily disables the vehicle's engine.

The ArrestNet stops a speeding vehicle by wrapping around its tires. The net is remote-controlled and can be deployed in just three seconds. The DragNet Vehicle Arresting Barrier is 85 feet long (26 meters) and can automatically deploy or retract to handle cars and trailers of all sizes.