Tuesday, October 11, 2022


The Top 20 biggest Tesla crashes from Wham Baam Teslacam in 2022. Teslacam Stories is a series of Tesla owners real experiences told by the Tesla Dashcam and Sentry Mode videos. All incidents are recorded from Tesla vehicles and submitted to this channel by other Tesla enthusiast. I contact each person who send me their videos to talk with them and learn more about their story and to follow up what happened after what we see on their video. Voice over and captions are added to describe what happened, and why. I believe that this additional information regarding the incident gives the videos a newsworthy value. ⚡Having problems with your Sentry/Teslacam videos? If you wonder why some videos have glitching and artifacting, it's due to a slow USB drive being used - like the standard Tesla USB. Teslacam writes 4 video files simultaneously and you need a faster drive that is meant to be written on constantly, and overwritten daily. For example high speed memory cards used for video cameras, or SSD drives. I always recommend the Samsung T5 SSD. It's cheap, and very reliable and you will have no artifacting: https://amzn.to/345q8SX (Amazon Affiliate link) ⚡Submit your Teslacam or Tesla Sentry video to be featured: https://bit.ly/2CGgR8s