Sunday, March 31, 2024

Nine facts on road safety explained

Wen Injuries occur the obvious answer is speed management 30 K should be the maximum speed where cars cyclists and pedestrians mix but there are more tools than speed limits how we train drivers inverse rules and design roads roundabouts force drivers to slow down for instance they also have fewer points flict and make collisions at dangerous angles almost impossible there is now ample evidence to show but a reduction of just 1% in the average speeds of vehicles lead to a reduction of 4% of in the number of fatal crashes 33% of a scooter crashes end with head injuries twice as many as with bicycles according to a recent US study the bicycle has long been a favorite for shorter trips recently electric bikes scooters and also more exotic devices have become hugely popular are they the future of urban mobility or safety risks on wheels innovations in micro mobility may bring new crash risks but if we understand those risks we can counter them 8 out of 10 fatal crashes with micro vehicles involve cars so micro mobility requires protection its own protected Street space or traffic calming where all vehicles must sharethe space street design must also serve the safety of do's using micro vehicles if we can make it safe micro mobility rhymes with opportunity that of shaping a sustainable urban mobility landscape zero deaths on our roads Easter vision we must aim for it is unacceptable that anyone should lose his or her life a the price for other people to get from A to B or zero that's possible it's a vision and I am optimistic a vision makes us think about what needs to actually happen so we get there it changes our mindset and the truth is we have become far too complacent about road safety we have accepted it as normal that people die in traffic bu our starting point should be that ttcrashes must never be deadly even if someone makes a mistake if it transform our human mobility based on this idea what now seems utopian comes into reach you