Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bumper Repair - Why It's the Most Common Repair

There are so many cars on the road today and so many that are not up to par with safety standards. Many cars are in need of repair or replacements. However there is one repair that far outweighs that of other repairs. It is bumper repair. The most common repair that needs to be or is performed is bumper repair whether it be to the front or rear bumper. It is also an important repair that should not be put off for safety reasons. Check out why bumper repairs are so common!

There are many reasons why bumper repair is one of the most common repairs that are performed right now. Think about it, your bumper whether front or rear is what protects your engine and you. So, your if involved in any sort of accident it would make sense that your bumper would need repairing. However a few statistics will help you understand more about this problem.

The amount of cars on the road has been growing steadily at approximately 5% per year. That means there are a lot of cars on the road, which means more chance for accidents to occur.

Could you believe that 30% of drivers feel it's OK to "love tap" your bumper when parallel parking? I know I do not feel it is ok to tap my car's bumper at all and I surely don't want anyone else "love tapping" my car in the process either. This is one thing to leads to bumper repair.

Also, 79% of consumers claim their damage occurred in a parking garage. Usually this is bumper damage since 80% of bumper damage occurs during parking. This can be a result of misjudging a parking spot or backing into another car. It could be your fault or someone else's either way your bumper is affected.

Just looking at this statistic what part of your car do you think is affected most? Every 17 seconds a reported rear end collision occurs, and every 8.5 seconds an unreported rear end collision occurs. The most frequent accident on the road is the rear end collision, at almost 29.7%, and 75% of these accidents occur at less than 10 mph. You guessed it, YOUR BUMPER!

So, as you can see bumper repair is so common because many people today are careless drivers. Most of the repairs needed to bumpers are not because of major or even mild car accidents. They happen because there are many careless people who do not pay attention while parking, talk on their cell phones, or simply think its ok to tap your car with theirs.

To reduce this problem we all need to start drive with care and caution, especially in parking lots and garages. If we all do this there will be fewer accidents and less money out of your pocket for bumper repair. If you however find yourself in a situation where you need bumper repair, find a qualified professional to help you.

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