Thursday, March 15, 2012

Drive Safely In The Rain

Rain can be wonderful, but it can also make travel more hazardous. During a dry spell, cars leave grease and engine oil on the road. Once these substances mix with rainfall, roads become more slippery. Driving in these conditions, especially during the first hours of a rain, is the most hazardous. While it is avoidable to drive during winter, rain comes unexpectedly and therefore can come unpredictably. It is important to keep extreme caution while driving in the rain. Below are some tips that can guarantee you a safe drive under the rain.

1. Before driving to your destination, make it a habit to check your tires. If it looks like they need more air, drive up to the nearest car shop and have the pressures checked while adding more air.

2. When drizzling starts, test your wipers to make sure it works properly. You wouldn't want to experience a heavy downpour and blur your sight of the road. When this happens, stop for a while in a safe parking spot and let the rain settle down until you can have a clear vision of the road again.

3. When traveling under the rain, drive slowly especially when the rain just poured down. Remember that the roads get more slippery for the first few hours from the first rain fall.

4. Allow a fair distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. In this way, when the car fronting you makes a sudden stop, you would still have time to break slowly, avoiding any possible collisions.

5. Apply on the breaks slowly. Stepping on the breaks hastily might cause tires to slide along the slick roads. It can also cause possible collisions if the one driving behind your back does not keep a few distances away.

6. When it is raining really hard, try to stay at the center of the road, most especially when you're on the free way. The roads are designed to drain water towards the side of the roads and it will be more risky if you were driving against the current.

7. Be watchful of the bumps and puddles along the way. Keep away from deep puddles for it may cause engine troubles once your engine becomes wet. Once water enters the engine, you're sure to get stuck. Hitting deep puddles can also result in your tire bearings to break. With that happening, you either drive away in an unbalanced tire system, or one tire drives away ahead of you.

8. When the rain has brought out dark clouds making mornings seem like evenings, turn your head lights on. This helps other approaching vehicles recognize another car running towards them.

So the next time it rains, enjoy it, and be extra careful on the road.

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