Monday, August 6, 2012

Air Bags and Other Car Safety Systems

Adaptive Front Airbags

These airbag systems take into account the occupant's seating position and seat belt use to determine the amount of force used to deploy the airbag.

Side-Impact Curtain Airbags

These airbags can provide both head and torso protection in a side-impact collision. Not all new cars have these as standard equipment so be sure to check with the dealer.

Head Restraints and Seat Design

It's important that seats and head restraints work together to support your head and body during a crash. A poor design provides little protection, but even the best designed head restraints need to be adjusted properly. It needs to fit directly behind your heard, and the top can be positioned somewhere between the top of your ears and the top of your head. Some new cars come with auto-adjusting head restraints when the seat is adjusted.

Some Other Safety Features to Consider

Electronic Stability Control System

This kind of system is an extension of anti-lock brake technology that helps drivers regain control in dangerous situations. This significantly lowers the risk of a fatal crash.

Lower Anchors And Tethers For Children (LATCH) System

If you have a young child who will be riding in the vehicle, a LATCH System is a must. LATCH Systems provide owners with a simpler way to secure child seats in vehicles. While most vehicles manufactured since 2002 have this feature it is always best to check with the dealer.

Seat Belts With Pretensioners

This provides a locking mechanism that engages the seat belt when the brake is applied or the vehicle comes to a sudden stop.

More Features To Look For When Buying a New Car

It's a good idea to keep these in mind when shopping for your new car.

Anti-Lock Brakes
Daytime Running Lights
Traction Control
Rollover Prevention
Emergency Brake Assist
GPS/Emergency Response

Bottom line is do your research extensively before buying a new auto and make sure to ask every question to the dealer so that you buy the safest car you can afford. Most cars have a safety rating given to them by many different organizations, so finding one of those you trust to help guide you is a great way to be a well informed buyer. The peace of mind you will feel when you put your family in that automobile will be worth all of the time spent researching the safety options available.

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