Friday, August 3, 2012

Tips For Cleaning Car Windows

One thing that is extremely important for safe driving apart from focus on the road and good driving skills is clean windows; they are what allow us to see what's ahead of us on the road or on the sides. Cleaning the windows of your car is easy but really having clean windows that shine is not an easy job. Many people go by with just throwing water at the windows, some clean it with sponge and water, and some just rely on the good old car wash to keep their car and the windows clean. However, a lot of people like to wash their car themselves and getting that road dust and grime off the windows without the water streaks can be tricky. There are quite a few ways with which you can keep the windows of your car as clean and shiny as they were the first day.
A lot of people use products to clean their car windows but most of those products contain ammonia that gives great results when it comes to getting the grime out but at the same time these products can cause harm to your health and the look of your car.
It is essential to understand that the cleaning of regular windows and that of tinted windows is different. There may be some cleaners that can be sued for the regular windows but can be extremely damaging to tinted ones. For example, some people use household glass cleaners to clean their car windows which are acceptable for normal ones but if these are used on tinted windows then the ammonia in them will damage the tint.
The first thing to do is to see how much cleaning the windows need; if they just have the dust from the road then water should work, if they have more stubborn stains then you may want to look at the commercial cleaners to get rid of them.
It is also important to choose the window cleaning cloth with care. Using a normal towel or cloth may put minor scratches on the surface of the windows and that is why it is essential to use towels with micro-fibers that will not just be safe but will also clean every small section of the window. It will also help to avoid streaking.
Follow these simple tips and you will be well on your way to clean windows:
  • Remember to clean your car windows as the last thing in your car cleaning regime.
  • When using commercial cleaners to clean the windows, make sure you either do it in shade or in the evening as sun's rays can make the cleaners dry away too fast, leaving stains behind.
  • Always use long strokes instead of short hasty ones. Longer strokes will insure better cleaning.
  • Make sure you clean the top sides of the windows and also the edges. If you don't clean them then the cleaning is not really complete.
  • Research the products you use to clean your car windows, learn which chemicals make up those products and which ones out of those are safe and which unsafe for the car windows.
Apart from following these steps, it is a good idea to clean your car and the windows on a regular basis to keep them shiny and clean at all times.
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