Monday, October 29, 2012

Becoming a Better Driver - A Few Tips That Can Help

Driving is all about remaining in control at all times. Those who love driving may feel tempted at times to indulge in a bit of driving 'outrage' if the right circumstances present themselves in the form of a great looking road or sparse traffic or miles and miles of empty concrete space which could let your adrenalin go wild. The biggest difference between good drivers and bad drivers is that good drivers adopt their methods and attitudes for the driving environment while the bad stick to their style of driving regardless of the situation.

The appropriate thing to do is practice good car control. But good car control does not equate to good driving, which is all about following the general traffic rules, overtaking only when it is absolutely imperative and that too from the right side and generally making sure that you don't create a situation on the roads that can inconvenience other drivers.

It is said that a defensive style of driving is the best way to keep away from problems while on the road. Additionally, it can help you enhance life of brake linings, tyres and make your vehicle fuel efficient. But above all this, it helps you save lives and that's a huge thing. There are some basic principles to be followed while practicing defensive driving. It is designed to save you money and reduce stress associated with driving. Whether you are on the road to keep an urgent appointment or for a leisurely Sunday drive, being defensive in your driving will help you remain in control at all times.

Becoming a better driver is also about planning for safety. This includes taking steps that ensure breakdown protection. Do you have a breakdown cover as a part of your policy? Does your insurance company have an emergency assistance number? These are facts that you must check before you actually start driving. Keeping a list of emergency phone numbers in the glove box, wallet or handbag or programmed into your phone can help you deal with emergencies better.

Unless you are on a routine drive to your office or the market, it is better to plan your route to save a lot of potential frustration. Make sure the plan is in bold letters so you can read it clearly without shifting attention from the road.

Becoming a better driver is all about doing a lot of commonsense things that can keep you safe during your journey.

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