Thursday, October 11, 2012

Staying Awake at the Wheel

Thousands of deaths happen every year due to people falling asleep behind the wheel and it happens because people don't get enough sleep or don't have enough breaks when travelling long distances.

Stay awake when behind the wheel and decrease the number of road traffic accidents due to drivers falling asleep. We have a number of different tips for you to follow to avoid falling asleep behind the wheel:

  • Stop driving or switch drivers, this is the most effective method because you know you're not going to be driving anymore so there are no risks of you falling asleep behind the wheel. We would advise you to stop driving if you feel like you are going to fall asleep, because the chances are that you will!

  • Make sure you have enough sleep if you know you have a long journey ahead of you. You should be sleeping around 7-9 hours a night, several nights in a row if you know you have a long drive ahead of you. Sleep is essential when driving and you need to be focused at all times. When taking your driving lessons, make sure that you have enough sleep the night before you go on your lessons so that you have full concentration.

  • Try to plan your journey so that you arrive at your destination before midnight. Your body most wants to sleep between the hours of midnight and the early morning. Plan your journey around these times and you will find that you wont be as tired.

  • Know when you need to stop driving! Look out for the signs to show when you're getting tired and be prepared to pull over at a safe, convenient and legal place.

Many myths are flying around about staying awake when driving and these are things your should NOT do:

  • Open a window or turn the air con on. Although this may make you feel like you are slightly more awake with the fresh air you aren't and this is when driving whilst tired becomes its most dangerous!
  • Playing loud music or singing aloud is another one that doesn't work! This will distract you from the road and is equally as dangerous as driving whilst tired.

Remember when venturing out on a long journey to plan way ahead so that you have no chance at falling asleep at the wheel. Pay attention to the do's and don'ts when staying awake at the wheel, and always get a good night's sleep the night before your driving lessons.

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