Sunday, March 31, 2013

Collision Repair Makes Your Car Like New

Getting into an auto accident is definitely not a fun experience. No one plans for it, no one is happy about it - it is one of life's major inconveniences. However, if no one is injured, the priority is getting the car repaired as quickly as possible. One of the benefits that no one thinks about is that you car may look like new.

Possible Auto Repairs After a Crash

The severity of the crash often dictates the needed repairs, but even in minor accidents, there may be costly and extensive repairs required. Here are some thoughts on the most common types of repairs after an accident.

Frame Damage

A bent frame can be one of the most problematic issues after an accident. Many experts believe that a car is never the same after the frame is bent. However, new technology has made frame repair both an art and a science. You can check on a repair shops art by checking reviews and testimonials n the Internet or with friends and peers. You can make sure they have the have the best science by checking to see if they have an efficient pulling system that can pull from 360 degrees and in multiple directions at once. If one mechanic hooks up the front end to his pickup truck and another mechanic hooks up the back to a different pickup, and then they both try to drive in different directions, that is not art or science - it is time for you to try a different shop as quickly as possible!

Mechanical Problems

Though we usually think of damage on the outside when involved in a car crash, there is often damage to the wheels, the suspension system, and occasionally parts of the engine. Many auto body shops will send this type of work out to specialists; if they do, find out who they send it to and then do some research on these businesses. If you find any negative reviews or issues, you can ask that it be sent somewhere else, or you can take your business to the next shop down the road. Remember, knowledge is power; the more you know, the closer to new your car will look and operate when the repairs are completed.

Cosmetic Surgery for Cars

Many accidents only result in cosmetic damage, but most people don't like to drive around town without a bumper or with a crumpled door. Sometimes the repairs can be done without a paint job, but if a paint job is needed, make sure that the body shop has a modern facility that can handle more than one car at a time. This prevents the job from taking an excessive amount of time and usually results in less cost and inconvenience to the driver. A skilled and experience paint specialist can make your car look like new when finished.

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