Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring - Time For an Auto Tune Up

Hang the snow shovel in the back corner, put the ice scraper on the shelf. Check out the daffodils and get ready for Spring. Old man winter has buried his head for this season. It is time for convertibles, picnics, and the beach.

Before you go too far down that Spring road, remember to get your car ready for Spring as well. You do not want to find yourself along the road with the hood up waiting for a tow.

Go to your nearest auto shop and get a spring preventative maintenance review.

Gas prices are going to continue to go up so anything we can do to keep the auto in top working order will save money in the long run. Check and replace the air filter. A dirty air filter will cause a decrease in mileage and is an easy item to forget.

Replace the oil and filter. Check the fuel injectors and fuel filter. Check all the hoses and belts. If any wear replace now rather than waiting until they break down.

Top all fluids. Check cooling system fluid and replace if necessary or add if low. Check the battery. Are the terminals making good contact?

How are the tires? Notice any unusual wear. Are the tires properly inflated? Did you use a special winter tire. If so time to change back.

What about the outside of the car. Check for any dings that should be repaired. Give your vehicle a thorough cleaning inside and out. Clean the mats of all the road salt and vacuum the seats of all the accumulated debris.

Give your car some special care with a car wax or a car sealant to recover the showroom luster lost from the winter months.

With a little attention now, your car will be ready for the good times.

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